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ADHD and Executive Function coaching targets the core things ADHDers might find challenging with like planning, goal setting, time management, organization and problem solving. 

As an ADHD coach, I creatively partner with my clients to explore how and where ADHD shows up in their life. In a safe, non-judgmental environment, we learn about their unique brain wiring and how to work with it to accomplish their goals in an organized and timely fashion.

Together we design effective tools to support clients by

  • improving executive functioning,
  • maintaining focus on goals,
  • deepening self-awareness as well as mental and emotional fitness,
  • developing ownership of their lives,

By working with a coach, you're able to take a peek inside your brain and learn how and why you do what you do. Having an ADHD brain can be incredibly frustrating, but getting to know how it operates is life changing. You'll not only gain understanding, but maybe a bit of self-compassion too. 

Many "why can't I just...." questions are answered by understanding our brain's Executive Functions and how they are performing in your day-to-day. When you understand the "why" you can choose to change how you show up. You'll gain confidence and understanding by knowing that you may approach things differently, but you are fully capable just the way you are.



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Professional coaching differs from therapy because of its emphasis on action, accountability, and follow-through. It is not about healing or “fixing” you. 

Coaching is a creative collaborative learning process. It’s an effective tool on its own, or in combination with therapy and/or ADHD medications and management.


"I was a procrastination machine. I mean, I could NOT focus on my work as a screenwriter. Regular showers? Forget about it. Boy, am I glad I found Georgia! She offered laser-focused attention to my goals and broke down my “wall of awful” to-do list brick by brick and kicked my butt into gear. I am seeing more success in my career than I have in years, my enthusiasm for the biz has been rekindled, and I even smell nice. I'm sure I wouldn’t be here without Georgia and her incredible coaching."


I had been struggling with a range of mental health issues before finally getting my ADHD diagnosis. I was a bit overwhelmed by the idea of getting help, but then I found Georgia. She’s an amazing coach and person. She took the time to get to know me and my life.

She’s helping me identify my triggers and how to manage them. Her know-how has been invaluable in learning new strategies that have helped me stay organized and on top of my tasks.

- Sam

Georgia has a really positive and compassionate attitude. She has been so encouraging and supportive when I’ve been feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. She truly believes in me and my ability to take control of my life and symptoms.

- Abby

My son was having a difficult time in school. He was missing assignments, falling behind in his classes, and wasn't able to focus on his work. From the very first meeting with Georgia, she was understanding and patient, providing an empathic and supportive approach. She has helped him to understand his ADHD and how it affects him. He has made a dramatic improvement in school and is even more confident. She also provided us with support and guidance on how best to manage his ADHD in the home.

- Lena

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